Sample List of URL X10 Commands

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Sample List of URL X10 Commands

Postby natehales » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:35 pm

Someone please helping me by posting a list of X10 Commander commands.

This is the x10 URL commands I know (please add more if I missed some)

ALL Lights ON (House code A) - http://YOUR IP ADDRESS:8086/?x10command=DEVICE~sendplc~%22a5%20AllLightsOn%22
All Lights Off (House code A) - h t tp://YOUR IP ADDRESS:8086/?x10command=DEVICE~sendplc~%22a5%20AllLightsOff%22

All Units Off - h t t p ://
All Units On - h t t p :// (not sure if this All Units ON is right because it does not work for me)

A1 On - http://YOUR IP ADDRESS:8086/?x10command=DEVICE~sendplc~%22A1%20on%22
A1 Off - h ttp://YOUR IP ADDRESS:8086/?x10command=DEVICE~sendplc~%22A1%20off%22

A1 Dim 30% - http://YOUR IP ADDRESS:8086/?x10command=DEVICE~sendplc~%22A1%20dim%2030%22
A1 Bright 30% - " " :8086/?x10command=DEVICE~sendplc~%22A1%20bright%2030%22

If you want to know what all the %20 and extra thing in the line are, here is a useful page that tells you all of them

I am using all this to control x-10 with Smartthings. Here is a video of what I am doing ... zXvqwCot1I
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