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Intelliremote 2.8.8

Postby Melloware » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:08 am

Intelliremote 2.0 (
Intelliremote is an HTPC remote control replacement software.

Copyright (C) 1999-2014, Melloware Inc.

NEW FEATURES 01/18/2016 (
- Added #153: Added Soundgraph Remotes VID=$15C2 PID=$0036 (thanks to rubbish9000)
- Fixed #156: Added Aquaero remote support VID=$0C70 PID=$F001 (thanks to binary-logistics)
- Added #157: Added Formosa Remote VID=$147A PID=$E006 (thanks to caverna)
- Added #158: Added new script command DisplayProfile(); which just pops up the tray notification of which profile is active (thanks to mikewild)
- Update #159: Updated Intelliservice to .NET Framework 4.0
- Added #160: Added Gamepad Turbo VID=$0E8F PID=$310D (thanks to rboyle)
- Updated to identify Windows 10 OS correctly

NEW FEATURES 11/24/2014 (
- Added #143: Added silent install option to installer with "/S" command line switch (thanks to andydhamm)
- Added #145: Added Novatek Remote VID=$0603 PID=$0002 (thanks to justgotthis)
- Added #146: Added DF30 Wireless Remote VID=$0C45 PID=$2702 (thanks to cjones)
- Added #147: Added Jonsbo Wireless Remote or Miii PC Receiver VID=$1D57 PID=$AC01 (thanks to sjuna)
- Added #148: Added Scosche controlFREQ II Bluetooth Wireless Remote VID=$05AC PID=$023C (thanks to kavner)
- Added #150: Added Philips Remote VID=$0471 PID=$2168 (thanks to wargoud)
- Fixed #151: Use sleep.exe from to sleep instead of internal call to prevent endless wake/sleep cycles (reeven)
- Added #153: Added Soundgraph Remotes VID=$15C2 PID=$0038 and PID=$0043 (thanks to hzuurveld)
- Added #155: Added IpazzPort Mini Fly Air Mouse VID=$0C45PID=$8888 (thanks to mattree)
- Added SMPlayer Profile (thanks to reeven)
- Added PowerDVD 14 Profile (thanks to rlahane)
- Remove Google Checkout logo and link for purchasing as it is no longer accepted
- Updated JEDI Libraries to 3.48
- Updated AutoITX3 to version

NEW FEATURES 11/22/2013 (
- Fixed #129: Added eHome remote VID=$073A PID=$2330 (thanks to boken)
- Fixed #130: Fixed Access Violation on wake from sleep (thanks to cybmole)
- Fixed #131: Added "Chicony" "Wireless Device" VID=$04F2 PID=$1061 (thanks to ray)
- Fixed #132: Added "G-Tech" "Wireless Dongle" VID=$1A81 PID=$1002 (thanks to andris)
- Fixed #133: X10 ActiveHome events were not being processed properly (thanks to bert)
- Fixed #135: Added "Zotac" Philips Remote VID=$0471 PID=$20CC (thanks to djseppie)
- Fixed #136: Added VERIS E-Z Remote VID=$15C2 PID=$0042 (thanks to jj)
- Fixed #137: Added Formosa21 eHome remote VID=$147A PID=$E030 (thanks to pwouters)
- Fixed #138: Added Logitech PS3 Emulation remote VID=$046D PID=$C129 (thanks to jpoppe)
- Fixed #140: Added XCY-056 Remote VID=$0755 PID=$2026 (thanks to daboo)
- Fixed #141: Added ability to double click item in Customize tab to bring up Learn dialog (thanks to mpaffett)

NEW FEATURES 02/01/2013 (
- Windows 8 VERIFIED! All functionality reported working and tested in Windows 8
- Fixed #097: Device Cannot Be Opened HID Error (thanks to obones)
- Fixed #101: REMOVED Logitech Revue Mini remote VID $046D PID $C52B due to Windows 8 issues (thanks to jatinder)
- Fixed #117: Added Save All Profiles and Reload All Profiles menu options (thanks to cybmole)
- Fixed #119: Tivo Slide not recovering on USB Device Change (thanks to airman_dopey)
- Fixed #120: Added Formosa21 eHome remote VID=$147A PID=$E042 (thanks to viking)
- Fixed #127: Missing Play/Pause Key event causing "Unknown Virtual Key 179" error (thanks to kcmeat)
- Added Shareaza Profile (thanks to raj)
- Added DEBUG logging when Window Focus changes (thanks to wibblef1sh)
- Updated Gyration Remote Profile (thanks to mo)
- Upgraded Jedi Libraries from 3.45 to 3.47

NEW FEATURES 09/03/2012 (
- Fixed #098: Tivo Slide 100% CPU usage on HID (thanks to obones)
- Fixed #100: Added RedRay Grani J remote VID $0079 PID $0007 (thanks to inteldak)
- Fixed #101: Added Logitech Revue Mini remote VID $046D PID $C52B (thanks to hashish)
- Fixed #102: Added Home Electronics Tira-4 remote VID $223E PID $0001 (thanks to ishib)
- Fixed #105: Added Chipcon remote VID $11A0 PID $0110 (thanks to whiterabbit)
- Fixed #106: Added Reset HID Devices right click meny option to the tray icon (thanks to blazer)
- Fixed #109: UI Repaint issues when Arrow Key pressed on Settings tab (thanks to adamrgolf)
- Fixed #114: Added Tivo remote VID=$150A PID=$1201 (thanks to acarter)
- Fixed tab order on Settings and Connections tabs (thanks to adamrgolf)
- Added Arcsoft Total Media Theatre 5 profile (thanks to jdijkstra)
- Added Plex profile (thanks to jtully)
- Updated HID Device Tester based on #098 fix (thanks to obones)

NEW FEATURES 01/09/2012 (
- Fixed #79 Registry override for Philips remotes for BlockSignal (thanks to rscullard)
- Fixed #81 Added Cowon JetAudio profile (thanks to abrick)
- Fixed #84 Issues with multimonitor display reported by some users
- Fixed #86 Index Out Of Bounds on key change (thanks to wibblef1sh)
- Fixed #90 RedRat II v2.30 support (thanks to johnhall)
- Fixed #91 Ability to disable AverMedia remotes on the Connections tab (thanks to aocdy)
- Fixed #92 Added HTTPost script event (thanks to etune)
- Added new Holtek 2.4 Ghz remote with VID $1241 PID $0504 (thanks to christian73)
- Added new Formosa21 eHome remote with VID $147A PID $E303 (thanks to npope)
- Added RealPlayer profile (thanks to ivalle)
- Upgraded Jedi Libraries from 3.41 to 3.45

NEW FEATURES 06/27/2011 (
- Fixed #70 Philips Asus remote was overriding Block Signal On Tray Blink (thanks to joystick)
- Fixed #72 Fixed EInvalidPointer Exception address: 00402ED0 bug in HID code from Jedi (thanks to jatinder)
- Fixed #73 Fixed issue with Tivo Slide on wake/sleep freezing CPU (thanks to awinder)
- Fixed #74 Ability to toggle X10 device, if it is ON turn it OFF and vice versa (thanks to asmodeus)
- Added Bluetooth Mini Keyboard (thanks to Piers)
- Upgraded FastMM from 4.92 to 4.97
- Upgraded Jedi Libraries from 3.40 to 3.41

NEW FEATURES 03/21/2011 (
- Fixed #30 using AutoIt instead of keyb_event for Key Events to prevent issues on Win7 (thanks to davewilk)
- Fixed #38 ability to use environment variables like %windir% in Application and Script events (thanks to davewilk)
- Fixed #39 if the profile image is NULL it was causing the iPhone app to crash (thanks to jansw)
- Fixed #40 Key Events should always use lowecase a-z and if you need upper map SHIFT+a for 'A' (thanks to davewilk)
- Fixed #41 SendMessage/PostMessage script event was not looking for Window Title only Window class (thanks to davewilk)
- Fixed #43 HTTP commands being displayed properly on Info tab (thanks to davewilk)
- Fixed #45 No longer disable Human Interface Device service which was causing some MCE remotes not to work at boot up (thanks to syztemlord)
- Fixed $46 Added Beep() script event to allow a short beep from the internal speaker (thanks to rslaufer)
- Fixed #54 TripleTap keys had problems sending !^+ because of special AutoIt meaning (thanks to davewilk)
- Fixed #59 No longer disable ehRecvr service to prevent MCE Error (thanks to juiop)
- Fixes #60 Added support for SquareConnect SQBlaster IR blaster (thanks to squareconnect)
- Fixes #61 Can use INTDEFAULT for Auto It default params like X, Y in MouseClick (thanks to davewilk)
- Fixes #63 Dropping USB device connection when unplugging and replugging device (thanks to dudemon)
- Fixed installer to be able to run as Windows 7/Vista standard non-admin user (thanks to davewilk)
- Fixed Avermedia Volume buttons reversed (thansk to joaquin)
- Fixed Run method to allow 1 parameter (thanks to davewilk)
- Added Ortek PKB-1700 remote (thansk to piers)
- Added SonyPS3 DVBViewer Profile (thanks to subvertbeats)
- Added Cyberlink PDF Exchange profile (thanks to cybmole)
- Upgraded Jedi Libraries from 3.39 to 3.40

NEW FEATURES 11/26/2010 (
- Added Google Android support with Intelliphone for Android!!!
- Added support for ASRock 330HT-BD ON Win XP (thanks to shooky)
- Added support for new Exprex remote (thanks to stevearm)
- Added support for new Tivo Slide remote (thanks to tmael)
- Added support for new Soundgraph Luxa2 remote (thanks to gotallie)
- Added more CommandFusion support for return Profile name (thanks to stbluesrul)
- Added ability to ask for /profile.jpg on the HTTP server and have it return the current profile image (thanks to stbluesrul)
- Added Amazon Kindle Profile for PC (thanks to cybmole)
- Added Google Checkout as a payment method for trial version
- Added ProgDVB profile (thanks to reeven)
- Added DVB Dream profile (thanks to reeven)
- Added Tivo Slide Keyboard Remote profile (thanks to tmael)
- Updated Sage TV profile (thanks to darcilicious)
- Updated DVBViewer profile (thanks to reeven)
- Updated AutoITX3 to version
- Fixed HIGH CPU utilization on Tivo Slide and Emprex remotes!
- Fixed problem with TripleTapKeys on some remotes (thanks to wyerd)
- Fixed DEBUG info for GlobalCache iTach for finding out response codes in debug mode (thanks to jaga)
- Fixed Win 7 MCE Profile Keypad 4 was accidentally set for 3 (thanks to dwilkinson)
- Fixed MediaPortal profile with updated settings (thanks to mgoslett)
- Fixed Philips SRM7500 profile Channel Down and Keypad1 (thanks to wyerd)

NEW FEATURES 06/22/2010 (
- Added support for ElGato EyeTV Diversity Remotes (thanks to MaDDoGo)
- Added support for SMK-Link VP3700 (thanks to mcdonaldce)
- Added support for W-01RN Remote (thanks to slahm)
- Added support for Asus Remote 0024 (thanks to cfoulds)
- Added support for Leadtek WinFast DTV Dongle H (thanks to lumpy007)
- Added "cycleprofile=true" command to HTTP API to cycle through profiles (thanks to stbluesrul)
- Added profile for IE8 (thanks to jmcgee)
- Added profile for CyberLink PowerCinema 6 (thanks to jan)
- Added CDTrayToggle script event to open/close tray (thanks to jdefed)
- Updated Profiles for MediaMonkey and Win7 MCE (thanks to jmcgee)
- Updated RedRat Support to SDK version 2.23 (thanks to johnhall)
- Fixed bug with default directory of App Location and App Task (thanks to jmcmann)
- Fixed bug with HTTP port other than 80 rendering HTML wrong (thanks to bLiTzJoN)

NEW FEATURES 03/02/2010 (
- Added support for CommandFusion iViewer to create custom iPhone skins (thanks to mhermann)
- Added support for ALL AverMedia TV Tuner Remotes (thanks to coolman/patrikt)
- Added support for Streamzap Firefly Mini Remote (thanks to dickie)
- Added support for Intervideo VPX-RC01 Remote 2 (thanks to hairan)
- Added support for Emprex 3900 RF Remote (thanks to trixxydixxy)
- Added support for Ione Model Libra Q11 Remote (thanks to stefano)
- Added support for ASUS XPC-RC01 Remote (thanks to tonyhky)
- Added support for Mediagate MG-IR01BK Remote (thanks to mclovin)
- Added support for new Holtek 2.4 Ghz Remote (thanks to capdav)
- Added support for GlobalCache iTach WIFI IR Blaster (thanks to globalcache)
- Added ability to send HEX commands to GlobalCache or SerialPort using $ notation so $FA to send int 250 (thanks to stbluesrul)
- Added stopping script if WinExists returns FALSE if the Window does not exist (thanks to yannick)
- Added new Connections tab to break out enabling and disabling devices and connections
- Updated to AutoIt 3.3.2 (thanks to mashenden)
- Updated BSPlayer profile to use PostMessage (thanks to riera)
- Fixed HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Melloware\Intelliremote\EnableBonjour from Enabled
- Fixed Intelliservice to not throw 'System.NullReferenceException on resume from StandBy (thanks to narcan)

NEW FEATURES 12/18/2009 (
- Fixed bug with HTTP Get not closing connections (thanks to slarti)
- Fixed bug with CommandLine() script command not liking C:\Program Files (x86)\ (thanks to HikinenM)
- Fixed bug with deleting all buttons from a profile gives Index Out of Bound (-1) (thanks to jobeo)
- Fixed bug with Keene KIRA displying a Info popup when invalid code receieved (thanks to sandyj)
- Fixed ControlSend() Script command to take an EXE instead of a Window title (thanks to reeven)
- Fixed regression bug broken support for Microsoft Optical Desktop or MCE remote on XP (thanks to ObiYawn)
- Fixed HTML pages for webserver to not replace "port" with the port you are using
- Fixed regression bug UI opening in ScreenCenter instead of Desktopcenter (thanks to gotallie)
- Fixed AutoIt Run command to take 2 or 3 params (thanks to reeven)
- Added HID Service to the list of services Intelliservice disables on startup if you set the registry (thanks to guyhalestorm)
- Added new Script Event called SendMessage/PostMessage which help for controlling Winamp, KMPlayer, AlbumPlayer (thanks to reeven)
- Added support for iJet USB Remote (thanks to ipaz)
- Added support for Holtek 2.4 Ghz Remote (thanks to jdefed)
- Added support for Griffin Technology Airclick USB Remote (thanks to hoody)
- Added support for Nero LiquidTV USB Remote (thanks to sirfergy)
- Added WARNING in log if Intelliservice is running but UDP communication is disabled (thanks jreeves)
- Added Open Logfile... button on Settings tab to open the log file in Notepad
- Added Boxee profile (thanks to blaze818)
- Added SkyRemote+KIRA profile and web server page (thanks to steven573)
- Updated to AutoIt 3.3.0 (thanks to mashenden)
- Update setting for "Run At Windows Startup" because of crashes due to USB driver not being loaded yet.
It now creates a Shortcut in Start->All Programs->Startup which always seems to work (thanks to everybody)
- Updated a few profiles (thanks to reeven/azidoxbmc)
- Removed ControlThink Zwave support, use Zwave Commander HTTP instead (see forums)

NEW FEATURES 09/25/2009 (
- Added Windows service Intelliservice to handle MCE Remotes on Vista/Windows7 without double button push (thanks to reeven/jatinder)
- Added mDNS/Bonjour broadcasting to Intelliservice to allow auto-discovery of Intelliremote for iPhone/iPod Touch clients
- Added ability to recieve X10 ActiveHome Events like light A12 ON and take action in Intelliremote (thanks to xluthor)
- Added Asus XPC-RC01 remote control support (thanks to vdvwinter)
- Added Asus Lian Li TSBX-2404 remote control support (thanks to wayne)
- Added Philips MCE Remote For ASUS Motherboards (thanks to spaul)
- Added ChrisTV profile (thanks to reeven)
- Added WinFast PVR2 profile (thanks to reeven)
- Added AcrSoft TotalMedia Theatre profile (thanks to reeven)
- Fixed iPhone keyboard numbers to send proper Ascii commands discovered in SageTV testing (thanks to darcilicious)
- Fixed bug with CommandLine script expecting 2 params when there could be 3 (thanks to reeven)
- Fixed ability from Settings tab to enable/disable features like HTTP (thanks to everyone)
- Fixed setting Block Singal On Tray Blink to disable input while tray is blinking (thanks to overlord)
- Fixed bug with Bluetooth USB Devices when also having MCE Remote installed (thanks to turkish)
- Fixed installer to handle older version upgrades better and to replace registry entries upon uninstallation (thanks to wpaynter)
- Fixed bug with X10 COM object being found but the DLL not being found (thanks to Pacman)
- Fixed bug with unicode characters in Script Event by removing the line and displaying a WARNING
- Updated ZoomPlayer profile (thanks to ryansteed)
- Updated SageTv profile (thanks to darcilicious/reeven)
- Updated PowerDVD, MCE, ChrisTV, WMP, BSPlayer profiles (thanks to reeven)

NEW FEATURES 08/11/2009 (
- Added HTTP Server on Port 80, see PDF user manual (thanks to xluthor)
- Added new Script Command 'TripleTapKeys' to emulate T9 keypad functionality cycling ABC2, DEF3, etc (thanks to Biffa001)
- Added support for Terratec Cinergy S remote (thanks to fr3nk2000)
- Added support for newer version Formosa rc102 remote (thanks to giotis)
- Added support for Guffer USB HID Remote (thanks to guffer)
- Added support for Holtek USB remote (thanks to soulrider4ever)
- Added support for Philips ATI Theater Remote Receiver (thanks to stewart710)
- Added support for GreenAsia Electronics PC/Apple IR Receiver (thanks to auric)
- Added support for Formosa RC118N USB Remote (thanks to curtm)
- Added Hulu Desktop profile (thanks to sixseven)
- Added AudioBox Media Player System profile (thanks to audiobox)
- Added HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Melloware\Intelliremote\MCEXbox360Enabled to disable Xbox360 remote (thanks to manolo)
- Fixed Guide and Teletext in Mediaportal profile (thanks to CypherMK)
- Fixed more bugs with Windows 7 (thanks to nitdawg)
- Fixed more bugs with Philips SRM 7500 handling (thanks to bernard)
- Fixed screen for Large 120 DPI font resolution (thanks to rhoworth)
- Fixed bug with Xbox360 handling on Windows 7 (thanks to reeven)
- Updated PowerDVD profile to PowerDVD9 (thanks to airjordan)
- Removed splash screen (thanks to spaceone)

NEW FEATURES 05/18/2009 (
- Added script command SerialPort for controlling RS232 devices, see PDF user manual (thanks to crees)
- Added support for BitWise BC4/BX1 IR Blaster, see PDF user manual (thanks to bitwise)
- Added support for Keene IRAnywhere IR Blaster, see PDF user manual (thanks to aquinby)
- Added support for JBmedia SCONI USB Remote (thanks to looxer)
- Added support for CypSe WithEHome Remote (thanks to odyssey)
- Added support for USB Codeshe HX Receiver (thanks to firefox)
- Added support for iTV Linux4Media Remote (thanks to frenchi)
- Added support for Logitech Z-10 USB Speakers (thanks to obiyawn)
- Added support for Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop (thanks to obiyawn)
- Added support for Interlink VP6600 Bluetooth Media Remote (thanks to obiyawn)
- Added new registry entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Melloware\Intelliremote\X10RemoteId for selecting
a Specific X10 remote id and ignoring all other remote ids. (thanks to zuti)
- Added {ProgramFiles} variable to executing applications
- Added profile for Mozilla SongBird (thanks to Riq)
- Fixed bug with IgnoreDevices not ignoring all MIDI devices (thanks to bernd)
- Fixed problems with Windows 7 and MCE Remote being new HID codes (thanks to nitdawg)
- Fixed Philips SRM 7500 support based on Windows 7 fixes (thanks justjacko)
- Fixed Right clicking the profile to delete now selects the profile first (thanks to w1zard)
- Fixed Deleting all profiles except one doesn't leave the intelliremote profile there by default (thanks to w1zard)
- Fixed New right click "Copy Profile" and "Save Profile As" are now correct. (thanks to w1zard)
- Updated tray icons (thanks to milan s)
- Updated all profiles to use {ProgramFiles} instead of hard coded C:\Program Files\
- Updated FastMM 4.92, Indy Socket 9.0.50, JCL 3.36

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