[SOLVED] Aquaero support?

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Re: Aquaero support?

Postby Melloware » Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:52 am

Asafin wrote:Goodness gracious. There’s gonna be an awful lot of awkward typing. I’ll report once I do the first button. Any hope you’d implement some kind of pause feature for that HID tester, to grab data under these kind of conditions or a log file write?

Yeah I could. I never thought about it becuase yours is one of the first devices i have seen that generates this much data. Most only generate on keypress but it seems yours is using the HID to generate tons of data.
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Re: Aquaero support?

Postby Asafin » Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:31 am

The day before yesterday I typed in the IR code from one of those screen captures of the HID tester to a XML profile file and was unsuccessful doing so. But that could’ve just been due to an error of my own, as those sets consists of a around few hundred characters. Doing that I noticed I actually had managed to capture a proper button press for almost all of the buttons of a remote I was working on, by means of pressing and holding the button down just before using the Learn code function on Intelliremote. That was also the case with the particular button I punched in from a HID tester screen shot. What got me thinking is that it came down to correcting around twenty or so character difference to what was already there. I tried this with that HP mini IRDA remote and with another one I have so far been regularly using with Intelliremote.

Today I got back to the HID tester. Unlike earlier efforts to my surprise this time I managed to copy off text from that ever updating window. This got me to test both of these remotes again. I had the X-Fi IR eye covered. I repeatedly pushed several times one button on a remote and managed to quickly copy the text with few tries. When I pasted the content to notepad I saw what I was expecting, which is that actually no two button presses via Aquaero from one button looked exactly the same, with minor differences. This would explain why I couldn’t saw a one successful, labeled remote press on Info tab on Intelliremote, but only unrecognized commands.

I can’t say I have any more ideas I could point to to move forward with this. I suppose this is down to if one day you decide you want to invest more resources into Aquaero panels support. It looks like it might not be a straightforward thing to do. But on principle it should be possible, as these panels are explicitly expressed to forward IR signals via USB for general third party use. Until then I myself will make do with that X-Fi panel as I so far have, which could be years to come, granted there’s working driver support for this panel in upcoming Windows 10.
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