Ortek VRC-1100 Anyone?

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Ortek VRC-1100 Anyone?

Postby Tanger » Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:52 am

HI Guys,

My old trusty firefly is getting ready for retierment and I"m looking for a reasonable cost replacement.

Found the Ortek VRC-1100 on Amazon for like 18 bucks, but can't verify that intelliremote would work with it.


I know it can do MCE on it's own, and I only really need intelliremote for VLC.

I suspect it probably would work, but couldn't find anything definitive in the forums.

Does anyone know? (or have a better educated guess than mine?)



Edit: Found the answer, it IS supported. It was listed under one of it's clone names.
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Re: Ortek VRC-1100 Anyone?

Postby Melloware » Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:16 am

Yes it is supported but HUGE warning. This is a Chinese clone remote. What this means is that only "some" buttons are supported by Intelliremote. Buttons like Play, Pause, etc are supported.

However, the keypad 1-9 buttons on the remote just send a keyboard keystroke "1" and not a HID signal that can be mapped and intercepted by Intelliremote. That is the drawback of these remotes.

So yes you will be able to control VLC with Play, Pause, Stop etc, you won't be able to map some keys on your remote to do more specialized things. To find out which keys can be mapped run Start->Programs->Intelliremote->HID Tester and press every single button on your remote. Buttons that send HID signals can be mapped, buttons that just emulate you pressing a keyboard key cannot be mapped.

If a button does send a HID Signal you can load our VLC profile select a button like Play, click "Learn Code" and press the Play button on your remote and it will map it to the Play command in the VLC profile.
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