New NUC for HTPC

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New NUC for HTPC

Postby Amherst » Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:06 pm

Have purchased a new Intel NUC with built in IR receiver and have configured it with Windows 10 as a home theater PC.
Saw Intelliremote on the web and loved the features I read about and purchased without testing first. Figured I was capable of getting it working to my satisfaction.
Tried every trick in these forums to get Intelliremote recognizing an IR input.
No Dice!

Intelliremote recognizes the presence of the of the receiver as a Microsoft eHome infared reciever but does not record any input from a myriad of different RC's.
After much haggling I gave up.

Okay.... knowing this is a problem documented here I decided to do an end around the problem and purchased an Iguana Works IR transciever. I purchased this unit because it has a built in mini-jack so I can output to a Niles HT-MSU IR controller that I use for control of my Home Theater setup.

Unlucky me again..... Intelliremote does not recognize the Iguana unit at all. The PID is $0938 and VID is $1718. Would really like to get this working.
Help please?
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Re: New NUC for HTPC

Postby Melloware » Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:16 am

Sure thing send me an email with these details. I can build you a custom version with that VID and PID for you to test out!
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