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Amazon Echo/Google Home Support

Postby Melloware » Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:47 pm

Great news! Amazon Echo and Google Home are now supported if you follow these instructions...

  1. Download HA Bridge from here
  2. From the command line start the app "java -jar -Dserver.port=8090 ha-bridge-3.5.1.jar". Note: you will need JDK8 installed.
  3. In the web browser type "http://localhost:8090" that brings up the web interface of the bridge.
  4. Find the tab called "Manual Add" and create a new New Device lets call it "Winamp Play". In the On URLs area enter the following as HTTP GET:
    Code: Select all

    Note: is the IP of where Intelliremote is running and 80 is the port configured on the Intelliremote Settings tab, profile=Winamp means load the Winamp profile, and button=play means press the Play button in that profile. IMPORTANT: Paste the URL in the web browser to make sure it works and executes your Intelliremote command! If it does not go to the Intelliremote settings tab and make sure you have HTTP web server control on and the port correct.
  5. Back in HA Bridge UI click "Add Device" button once you are satisfied.
  6. On the Main tab of HA Bridge you will now see your device. Try it out by clicking the Test On buttons to make sure the communication is working!
  7. Now tell Alexa "Alexa, discover my devices". It will discover the Bedroom!
  8. Now tell Alexa "Alexa, turn on Winamp Play" etc.

That's it! Any questions or issues the great HA bridge is doing most of these work see their help and issues for any problems!

Video Walkthough:
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