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Supported Remotes

Postby Melloware » Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:39 pm

Here is a current list of supported hardware remotes.... Feel free to post pictures of your remotes and describe any buttons that may be keyboard controlled or not working in Intelliremote!

To Test if your HID Remote can be added to Intelliremote see these instructions:

iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android Remote
o Intelliphone iOS OS 3.0 or higher, Android OS 2.0 or higher

IR Blasters and Receivers
o RedRat UIRT
o BitWise BC4/BCX1 IR Blaster
o GlobalCache GC-100 IR Blaster
o Keene IRAnywhere KIRA IR Blaster
o SquareConnect SQBlaster IR Blaster

Creative SoundBlaster Remotes
o SoundBlaster Live! Remote
o SoundBlaster Audigy, Audigy ZS , Audigy 2, Audigy 4 Remotes
o SoundBlaster X-Fi (all models), X-Fi Elite Remotes
o SoundBlaster Extigy (thick serial cable connection only)
o SoundBlaster/ Azuzen X-FI, Audigy USB Remote Control Upgrade Kit

Bluetooth Remotes
o Tivo Slide (see tivoslide.xml profile and see section on pairing the remote with your PC see our user manual PDF)
o Interlink VP6600 Bluetooth Media Remote
o Sony PS3 Bluetooth Remote (use sonyps3.xml profile as example and see section on pairing the remote with your PC see our user manual PDF)
o Nintendo Wii Remote (use wii.xml profile as example and see section on pairing the remote with your PC see our user manual PDF)
o Jabra BT8010 Bluetooth Headset

X10-RF-Receivers that are normally bundled with remotes like (see x10.xml profile)
o X10 RF Remote
o ATI Remote Wonder™ (see atiremotewonder.xml profile)
o ATI Remote Wonder™ PLUS (see atiremotewonderplus.xml profile)
o SnapStream Firefly
o NVIDIA Personal Cinema Remote
o Marmitek PC Control
o Pearl Q-Sonic Master Remote 6in1
o Niveus PC Remote Control
o Medion RF Remote Control
o Packard Bell RF MCE Remote Control OR32E
o Toshiba PX1246E-1ETC
o RF MCE Remote Control Model OR22V

HID (Human Interface Device) based USB Remotes
o Adesso ARC-1100 Remote, Auvisio or or Ortek VRC-1100
o AIM RC126 MCE Clone Remote
o Aquaero
o Antec Fusion Remote
o ASUS DH Remote
o ASUS Nova P20/P22 Remote
o ASUS standard Remote Control (XPC-RC01)
o Chipcon Remote VID $11A0 PID $0110
o Conceptronic MCE Remote
o Cyberlink Power MCE Remote
o CypSe Generic USB BF108PC
o CypSe WithEHome Remote
o Dell CX-071 Remote (use gyration.xml profile)
o DViCO FusionHDTV Remote (use dvico.xml profile)
o Edio/Formosa RC102-809/RC102 USB Remote
o ElGato EyeTV Diversity
o Emprex 3900 RF Remote
o Formosa eHome Remote
o Formosa RC118N USB Remote
o GreenAsia Electronics PC/Apple IR Receiver
o Griffin Technology Airclick USB remote
o Gyration RF MCE Remote (use gyration.xml profile)
o Hama MCE Remote
o Hauppage Remote (use hauppage.xml profile)
o Hewlett Packard HP MCE Remote
o Holtek 2.4 ghz optical trackball remote
o Holtek USB
o Home Electronics Tira-4 Remote VID $223E PID $0001
o IpazzPort Mini Fly Air Mouse
o iJet USB Remote
o Intervideo Model XPC-RC01 Remote
o iTV Linux4Media Remote
o JBmedia SCONI USB Remote
o Jonsbo Wireless Remote
o Leadtek WinFast DTV Dongle H
o Lian Li tsbx-2404 Receiver
o Logitech Mini Revue
o Logitech Z-10 USB Speakers
o Mediagate MG-IR01BK Remote
o Microsoft Media Center Edition (MCE) Remotes (many brands and types)
o Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop
o Microsoft XBOX360 Remote (see our user manual PDF)
o Nero LiquidTV USB Remote
o Novatek USB Remote
o Ortek PKB-1700
o Philips ATI Theater Remote Receiver
o Philips OVU412000
o Philips SRM5100
o Philips SRM7500 7-in-1 Remote (use philipssrm7500.xml profile)
o Phillips SRU9600/10
o Pinnacle MCE Remote Kit
o RedRay Grani 'J'
o Scosche controlFREQ II Bluetooth Wireless Remote
o SMK-Link VP3700
o Sony IR5U USB Remote Receiver
o Sony Vaio Remotes
o Soundgraph Luxa2 and other various remotes
o Terratec Cinergy DT USB XS Diversity Remote (see terratecdt.xml profile)
o Terratec Cinergy Remote (use terratec.xml profile)
o Terratec Cinergy S Remote (use terratec.xml profile)
o Terratec Cinergy S2 HD remote
o Trust-2400 MCE Remote
o USB Codeshe HX Receiver
o X10 MCE Remotes

AverMedia Remotes
o AVerMedia AverTV Express
o AVerMedia AVerTV Phone/TVCapture
o AVerMedia AVerTV Go Series (based on Bt878)
o AVerMedia AVerTV Studio 103/203
o AVerMedia AVerTV Studio 301P/303P/305/307
o AVerMedia AVerTV Studio 505/507/509
o AVerMedia AVerTV Studio 707/709
o AVerMedia AVerTV MCE 116 Plus (testing)
o AVerMedia AVerTV Cardbus Plus
o AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid + FM Cardbus Plus
o AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid NanoExpress
o AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid Speedy PCI-E
o AVerMedia AVerTV Ultra PCI-E RDS
o AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-S Hybrid + FM

o Apple TV Remote/Apple Mac Mini Remote
o X-Fi USB External Drive
o Audigy 2 NX for Laptops Drive
o SB Live24 External USB
o Speedlink SL-6399 MCE Clone Remote
o Yacoo MCE Clone Remote
o ATI Remote Wonder™ 2
o HP, Fujitsu, or Dell Express Card Remote Control
o Fractal Designs Shape HTPC Remote
o AVerMedia AVerTV Phone98/TVCapture98
o AVerMedia AVerTV Phone98/TVCapture98 w/VCR
o Nyko Blu-Wave Remote
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