Need remote/receiver suggestions

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Need remote/receiver suggestions

Postby Elmojo » Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:03 pm

Hi all,
Melloware has been helping me work out some issues with getting Intelliremote working properly on my HTPC.
In the meantime, I was wondering what the consensus was on what remote/IR receiver combination is the best for controlling an HTPC, mostly within XBMC, with Intelliremote.
Right now, I have the Dell version of the MCE remote and the receiver that came with it. I also have a small wireless keyboard with a trackball.
I'll keep the keyboard for more "computery" things, but I'd like to get a better remote for controlling the XBMC.
It seems like the remote I have could be laid out better, and it lacks a few buttons to easily navigate within XBMC, such as the "info" and "menu" buttons.
My wife doesn't like learning new equipment, so I want something that will be easy to use and still powerful enough for me.
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