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Connection Issues FAQ

Postby Melloware » Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:00 pm

If you are having connection problems trying to get RiverMote to connect to JriverMC here are some things to try.

1. Make sure RiverMote PC Server application RiverMote.exe is used to run JRiver MC and not the default application. You download it here.

2. Start RiverMote PC Server. From a command prompt type "netstat -a" you should see....
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TCP    YOURPC:6002         YOURPC:0            LISTENING

IMPORTANT: If you do NOT see that then you have your antivirus/antispyware or Windows Defender preventing that port from being opened. You will need to add Port 6002 as an exception in whatever port blocking firewall/antivirus/Windows Defender you use.

A. Go into Control Panel->Security Center to tell Windows Firewall to allow rivermote.exe as an Exception.

B. Disable Windows Defender from starting altogether... ... s-Defender

C. Go into Control Panel->Security Center to get to the Windows Defender options and try opening Port 6002. ... b1033.mspx

3. Once you have netstat -a showing Port 6002 is listening then your Server is all set up.

4. On the iPhone go to the Settings and enter the IP Address correctly from your RiverMote PC Server. You can find your IPV4 address by right-clicking the RiverMote tray icon and selecting "About...". It will display your IP address and it should look like XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX or something similar.


5. Now that you have pointed your iPhone/iPod Touch to JRiver MC, try and run RiverMote on your device. If it says failed to connect then your Wireless Router is blocking Port 6002. You will need to go into your Router and change it to open up Port 6002. One user reported success by saying "It was a router issue, when I activated DHCP... port 6002 appeared in netstat and I could connect to JRiverMC"

6. If you still can't connect then try from a different PC than JRiverMC is running on to telnet 192.168.1.XXX 6001 using Putty or any other telnet client. If you do not see "1300 RiverMote Server" response then you know your Router still has port 6002 blocked.

7. Turn Bluetooth Off: If you are having connection issues and you've done everything to date (firewall, router & defender) and it still doesn't connect I would suggest turning off your Bluetooth if it is on. I have just gone through 3 painful weeks of troubleshooting including buying a new router only to find out that the Bluetooth when turned on was affecting the network protocols somehow and causing this and another program similar to not connect.

Hope that helps!
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