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RiverMote 4.0.1

Postby Melloware » Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:02 pm

Welcome to the RiverMote forum for iPhone/Ipod Touch. Feel free to post any bugs, comments, suggestions here!

I promise to make any bug fixes as fast as I can and suggestions for improvement are always welcome!


4.0.1 Release Notes

- Compiled and tested on OS 4.0
- Fixed bug where if no song was loaded in JRMC Server it crashed the iPhone app at startup
- Fixed some OS 3 issues with new OS 4 compilation

1.6 Release Notes

- UIRequiresPersistentWIFI flag so your WIFI radio does not automatically turn off after 30 minutes even if you are using it.
- Using new Apple Reachability API the app reliably waits until you have a WIFI connection before trying to reconnect after sleep

1.5 Release Notes
- Fixed problem with UTF-8 characters in ID3 tags like Russian Cyrillic Symbols
- Added new setting to turn the Hardware Volume Button feature off as requested by some users

1.4 Release Notes
- Proximity Detector option now if you want to conserve battery by turning the screen off but leaving the application running
- Hardware volume buttons now control Volume Up and Volume Down

1.3 Release Notes
- Memory Leak fixed
- When changing song or playlists now focuses the Now Playing tab due to Apple UI Guidelines

1.2 Release Notes
- Bug fixes for iPhone OS 2.2

1.1 Release Notes
- Portrait: Swipe right on album cover goes to next track
- Portrait: Swipe left on album cover goes to previous track
- Portrait: Double tap on album cover to play pause rather than the single tap
- Portrait: Swipe Up or Down on album cover to Lock/Unlock the screen in the current mode. So if you want to always stay on Portrait or Landscape mode even if you turn the device (Fridolin Car Request)
- Controls tab: Shuffle button to shuffle On
- Controls tab: Repeat button to enable continuous playback
- Controls tab: ReShuffle button to shuffle list from this song forward
- Now works over 3G or Edge (although I have no idea why you would want to do this)
- Landscape mode now has Time Elapsed and Total time above song progress indicator
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