[QUESTION] Why isn't EventPhone Free like EventGhost?

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[QUESTION] Why isn't EventPhone Free like EventGhost?

Postby Melloware » Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:58 am

Question: Why don't you keep your application free like EventGhost?

Answer: Let me explain.... First, Apple doesn't even allow developers to write "FREE" applications. The SDK is 105$ USD just for the privilege of writing code for the iPhone. My Mac cost me 2000$ since I am really a Windows developer, so I had to go out and buy a new Mac because you can only program the SDK on a Mac. I wrote the Intelliremote client as a Free App for my paying customers and MOST EventGhost users are die hard and will never switch to Intelliremote. So I figured why not write a client for EventGhost too and the code is NOT identical. There is a about a 20 percent difference in how they both work and the Intelliremote app allows you a full keyboard and mouse emulation on your PC that the EG client does not. I know most of EG's users are Windows users and it would be a long time before someone wrote a iPhone/Ipod client for it so I figured why not me? I can't in good faith offer the EG client for free while I charge Intelliremote customers for it...that just wouldn't make sense.

I know those answers aren't going to make you any happier...I just thought I would explain my side of it.
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