EventGhost Setup (Confusing)

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EventGhost Setup (Confusing)

Postby atirjavid » Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:16 pm

Hello. I am having trouble using EventGhost. Is there any easy to understand or follow tutorial that shows you how to set this up once so that it's not so confusing?

As far as I understand, you have to add a plugin first, then a folder, then a macro and then an event. I've read through the windows help file and the documentation is a bit confusing.

Would you be kind enough to explain the process of setting up a profile for Winamp 5, one for WMC 12, and Boxee/Hulu/ etc. (Just one step and I can set the rest up how I want. I just can't figure out how it all fits together.)

Currently I'm using Boxee official iPhone app, as well as Hippo Remote Lite (Free edition). I'd like to consolidate controlling my PC from my iPhone via one application. I don't want to consider this a waste of a few dollars so I'll take the time with it. Otherwise I might get the full edition of Hippo Remote.

Please advise.
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Re: EventGhost Setup (Confusing)

Postby Melloware » Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:42 pm

There is no magic bullet where in a few words I can explain how to do everything you want to do with EventGhost. You really need to read the tutorials about how EG works...


This tutorial is a good place to start.


Short Manual:


After that you will start to see how EG works and you will also understand how their plugins work and adding EventPhone is easy!
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