[HOWTO] X10 Commander on FreeBSD

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[HOWTO] X10 Commander on FreeBSD

Postby jjvereijken » Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:44 am

Dear all,

I happily report X10 Commander works very well on FreeBSD, after some simple tweaks. Here are my notes for the benefit of others.

Platform I used: Raspberry Pi B running FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE. I have no reason to believe it would not work on i386/amd64 hardware or on other versions of FreeBSD.

Install heyu from FreeBSD repositories (need to build youself for arm):
sudo pkg install heyu2
Configuration is quite standard, and everything works as expected. The serial port is called /dev/cuaU0 (USB-serial) or /dev/cuau0 (built-in serial).
Make sure to put the user that calls heyu in group dialer:
sudo pw usermod <username> -G dialer
logout/login afterward

Install additional packages from FreeBSD repositories (need to build youself for arm):
bash - to run x10cmdr.sh
gsed, gawk - Standard sed and gawk on FreeBSD have slightly different semantics than the GNU variants
xinetd - Standard inetd on FreeBSD may well work, but I had weird issues.
Install the packages with: sudo pkg install bash gsed gawk xinetd

Install x10cmdr.sh as provided on the site of Melloware.

Change x10cmdr.sh to work under FreeBSD:
Change top line to reflect correct bash location:
Add a line to set the correct path (to find gsed en gawk)
Replace "sed" by "gsed" throughout (12 lines)
Replace "awk" by "gawk" trhoughout (12 lines)
Replace "^M" by "\r" (1 line)

Configure and enable xinetd:
Rename the file "/etc/xinetd.d/x10cmdr" as provided by Melloware to "/usr/local/etc/xinetd.conf".
Make sure "/usr/local/etc/xinetd.conf" contains the correct path of "x10cmdr.sh".
Add this line to /etc/rc.conf:
Start xinetd:
sudo service start xinetd

Presto---all should work now! Test by "telnet localhost 3003" and so on, as per the Linux instructions.

Happy X10'ing,

- Jan Joris -
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Re: [HOWTO] X10 Commander on FreeBSD

Postby Melloware » Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:13 am

You rock for posting this! Glad you got it working and so glad that X10 Commander after 7 years in production is still finding new ways to be used!
Melloware Inc.
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