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Postby Melloware » Sat Oct 25, 2008 11:21 am

I wrote the AppStore Report Generator out of need. As you know I am an iPhone/iPod developer and I wanted a way to track my monthly and overall sales reports of my apps. Well apple conveniently sends out monthly financial reports but they are in CSV or comma separated value format. The only way to really manipulate and calculate data is to import each sheet into Microsoft Excel and then do calculations that way. Its very tedious every month, I wanted a way to just drop my TXT reports from apple into a directory and then run an app that would do all the calculations and currency conversion for me. Thus AppStore Reporter was born.

Why .NET? I know the Mac fanboys will be pissed I wrote this to run on Windows only but I am a full time programmer in my day job. I don't use Macs or Cocoa so I figure I would bone up my skills on a language I don't know a lot about so I decided to write this in .NET as a teaching tool for myself. Other than that, no reason I picked .NET.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions to make the app better feel free to post it here!
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