[SOLVED] Runnng ThinkEssentials & Zwave Commander

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[SOLVED] Runnng ThinkEssentials & Zwave Commander

Postby New Install » Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:10 pm


Last month you helped me get past a "No Device Found" problem describing the conflict on accessing the Zensys chip, Thanks. You also suggested that I contact ControlThink about possibly adding a second ThinkStick and I did http://forums.controlthink.com/p/1835/6446.aspx#6446, again thanks. They were somewhat helpul. I do not know if this is obvious to other users or if they are willing to invest to make it work, but below is a copy of what I posted on the ControlTHink forum and it may be useful on your forum:

"Just to follow-up, I did connect both controllers to one machine and bound one as the master, but this did not allow both programs to run at the same time, although if one of the programs was smart enough to look for another controller, if the first was being used by another program, I think this would have worked fine, but: What I have been able to get working is having a second machine, set up with a secondary thinkstick controller, configured as a secondary (joined network), using thinkessentials just to configure this node and then exiting the application, then running the Zwave Commander Server on that machine. A little complicated and requires two thinkessentials application licences, two thinksticks and the Zwave Commander application, but once set up it works really cool, I can access and control the entire network from thinkessentials desktop or an i-phone at the same time. If you have any better suggestions, I am willing to listen or try."

Thanks for your support
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Re: [SOLVED] Runnng ThinkEssentials & Zwave Commander

Postby Melloware » Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:05 am

See this thread for a better solution...

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