[FIXED] New Server EXE (ControlThink SDK Upgrade)

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[FIXED] New Server EXE (ControlThink SDK Upgrade)

Postby Melloware » Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:59 pm

A new Server EXE has been released and it contains these two major changes.


1. Updated to 1.3.23 version of the ControlThink SDK http://forums.controlthink.com/t/2051.aspx

2. Added Bonjour support for autodiscovery of your iPhone/iPod in the next iPod/iPhone app release. If you leave your iPhone setting at it will try and use Bonjour for Windows to automatically discover your PC Server on the network so you don't have to manually configure the IP Address.

What is Bonjour? Bonjour is Apple's technology for discovering devices on your network. One of the biggest headaches with Zwave Commadner is a lot of users don't understand IP Addresses or how to figure their's out. Well with Bonjour it lets the iPhone or iPod know how to "find" your PC running Intelliremote.

Bonjour is already on your machine if you have Itunes installed or just Bonjour For Windows it will be able to autodiscover the Zwave Commander server on your WIFI network. That way if you switch from say your College Dorm to Home you won't have to go in and change your Settings. Same if you use DHCP and your PC constantly changes IP addresses every time you reboot your machine. Just leave the setting on the default and it will assume you want to try and autodiscover your PC running Zwave Commander.
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