How To Run ZWave Commander & ThinkEssentials simultaneously

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How To Run ZWave Commander & ThinkEssentials simultaneously

Postby Sutnsihmij » Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:00 pm

I have tow ThinkSticks on one PC.Upon startup I can choose which Thinkstick. I bought my first and set up my network for use on my kitchen's Touchsmart PC.

Now I would like to add the 2nd stick and have that control the same lights, same network, and control with my iPhone via ZWave Commander. I can not figure out how to do this. I have tried to tranfer role. I have no hardware controller; just my iPhone, thinksticks, dimmers, thermo, etc.

I do have another PC in the house that is always on. Yesterday I tried using the new stick on there but nothing would become attached to the new instance of the netowork. When I brought the old Thinkstick over, all devices showed up on this new PC's instance of ThinkEssntials. Makes me wonder if the 2nd Thinkstick is defective because when I went to take it out of the kitchen machine (after sitting in it for at least a month next to the 1st stick) it was splayed open like an overripe banana. Yes, completley opped open casing, and I had to snap it shut.

My wife is happy about Z-wave control on the kitchen PC; I am spinning my wheels trying to also get access with my iPhone...HELP!

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