[ANNOUNCE] HomeDaemon is now a certified Lightswitch server

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[ANNOUNCE] HomeDaemon is now a certified Lightswitch server

Postby Melloware » Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:41 am

We are pleased to announce that HomeDaemon has added support for Lightswitch and is a certified Lightswitch server. We would like to thank the HomeDaemon team for their quick turnaround (a week) from start to finish of the implementation with testing.

Lightswitch Interface

The HomeDaemon-lightswitch module supports the Melloware "Lightswitch"
application available on both the iPhone and Android cellular devices.

The interface is started with "HomeDaemon-lightswitch <service>", where
"<service>" is the name of the service in /etc/services that the program
should listen on. The Lightswitch default is port 6004, but you will need
to define a port in /etc/services for this purpose. The application will
background itself, connect to the shared segment and event processor,
and listen for connections as directed.

The application expects a configuration file in the "lib" directory
called "lightswitch-config"; it contains lines of the forum:

password config-file

The "password" is the same password entered into the Lightswitch program,
and the config file is the file that controls what that session does. You
may have multiple users and configurations, each with its own password.

The "config-file" is relative to the library directory and is in the same
format as is the control file for the CGI application. See the CGI
application's documentation for full information - an example configuration
file is:

<HomeDaemon-event name="Set Night Mode">
<HomeDaemon-event name="Set Away Mode">
<HomeDaemon-event name="Away Disable">
<HomeDaemon-event name="Spa Enable">
<HomeDaemon-event name="Spa Disable">
<HomeDaemon-event name="Fireplace On">
<HomeDaemon-event name="Fireplace Off">

<HomeDaemon-zwave name="Hallway-Thermostat">
<HomeDaemon-zwave name="Master-Cans">
<HomeDaemon-zwave name="Master-Bed">
<HomeDaemon-zwave name="Foyer-Motion">
<HomeDaemon-zwave name="FrontDoor-Mtn">
<HomeDaemon-zwave name="Garage-Motion">

<HomeDaemon-in name="Temp-Outdoors">
<HomeDaemon-in name="Temp-Pool_Suction">
<HomeDaemon-in name="Temp-Pool_Return">
<HomeDaemon-out name="Pool-Pump">
<HomeDaemon-out name="Suction-Pool[Off]_Spa[On]">
<HomeDaemon-out name="Outflow-Pool[Off]_Spa[On]">
<HomeDaemon-out name="Pool-Gas_Heater_Enable">

<HomeDaemon-x10 name="Indicator-Away" on="Away" off="Home">
<HomeDaemon-x10 name="Master-Lock/Int">

You may also use the "table" forms in the description file as you can in the
CGI application, which will output the entire table of that type.

The back end properly supports Zwave direct dimming, X10 and Zwave on and
off states (no X10 direct dimming, however) and ZWave thermostats. ADICON
inputs and outputs are displayed in the "Zones" area, but cannot be set.

Thermostats can have their cooling and heating setpoints set (Fahrenheit
only; no Celsius support), and the modes Auto, Heat, Cool and Off can be
set. The "energy mode" commands are not supported at this time. Note that
the Lightswitch application *DOES NOT* pick up the full state of the
thermostat; only the current temperature is picked up on the initial poll,
and as such that's where the "slider" will be shown. This is not the
current setpoint, but rather the current temperature.

X10 and Zwave devices show up under "Devices" and, for those that are
modifiable, can be commanded. Again, direct dimming for X10 is not
supported via this interface, but it is for Zwave devices. On and Off
states can be commanded for both X10 and ZWave device types.

Note that the Lightswitch application DOES NOT respond to asynchronous
notifications, and as such the back end does not attempt to provide them.
As such when you turn "on" or "off" a device, the change in state you see
on the display is LOCAL - that is, it's not coming from the back end, but
rather from the Lightswitch application itself.
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