ZWave Commander Server in Linux

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ZWave Commander Server in Linux

Postby coryvisi » Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:06 am

I'm interested in getting the ZWave Commander Server to run in Linux with a Linux supported Z-Wave serial bridge, such as the Aeon-Labs Z-Stick. Ultimately, the hardware is less important than the idea of running the server on Linux, rather than Windows. This would allow me to run the server directly on a Linux router such as DD-WRT, or other embedded distributions.

I am a programmer and willing to do some work to make this happen. I am also willing to share anything I get working to help others.

What is involved in creating the TCP/IP to Serial interface that ZWave Commander Server provides? From what I can tell, I will likely need to make use of the Open ZWave C++ library.

What type of command-set does ZWave Commander transmit and expect to receive to and from the server? Is there authentication involved? How complex is it to emulate the command set available in the Windows version. Do various ZWave devices need to be supported explicitly, or will a generic command "pipeline" be sufficient?

I am at a point where I have obtained the SVN version of the Open ZWave libraries and I have a serial port available in Linux to send commands to (to my Z-Stick). I am trying to determine if this is a reasonable project to take on. Can you provide any advice or assistance?

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Re: ZWave Commander Server in Linux

Postby Melloware » Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:27 am

A linux server would be awesome! So a couple of things...

1. Yes I would think you would need to use Open Zwave as the communication API to your Z-Stick.

2. The Lightswitch TCPIP protocol is here, it is a simple ASCII protocol.

3. This open source project zVirtualScenes for Windows has also implemented our protocol and you can always look at the source code here for any questions:

Let me know how your project goes and I would happy to add a link to it to the Lightswitch page as a valid Lightswitch server for Linux!
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