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MonkeyTunes DACP Server interface for MediaMonkey

Copyright (C) 1999-2013 Melloware Inc.

NEW FEATURES 10/22/2013 (
Fix: #142 Tags not updating properly in MM when a star rating is changed from the mobile app.

NEW FEATURES 03/11/2013 (
Updated to .NET Framework 4.0 which is the default in Windows 8
Fixed potential problems some users have with pairing and with XML
Removed all traces of Airfoil COM which was causing Airfoil not to hijack MediaMonkey

NEW FEATURES 02/15/2013 (
Fix: #128 Issues related to Apple Remote 3.0.1 and albums with no cover images.

NEW FEATURES 12/28/2012 (
Fix: #124 Issues related to ReTune for Android. All issues now resolved and working!
Fix: #125 Issue where playlist playing the wrong track off by 1 related to fix #123
Fix: #126 Apple Remote 3.0 introduced odd behavior with DJ Request a Song feature

NEW FEATURES 12/04/2012 ( ):
Fix: #123 Playlist item for the currently playing song was off by 1

NEW FEATURES 12/01/2012 (
Fix: #122 Apple Remote 3.0 compatibility fixes
Added Bonjour Exception Handling

NEW FEATURES 08/07/2012 (
Fix: #115 Rating = 0 was BOMB is now Unrated (-1) in MM.

NEW FEATURES 06/30/2012 (
Fix: #113 do not return albums in list if the album has 0 tracks

NEW FEATURES 06/20/2012 (
Fix: #103 returned CMGT when not necessary from setProperty causing issues with CuteRemote for Nokia Symbian
Fix: #111 Default Max image resolution to prevent OOM errors if client asks for giant cover

NEW FEATURES 03/08/2012 (

Fix: #99 Apple Remote 2.3 release broke the old version of MonkeyTunes. This version fixes it.
Fix: #96 Added new genres to search for the Composer search from the Apple Remote
Fix: #95 Issue when you had a track that had multiple genres not working properly.

NEW FEATURES 01/09/2012 (

Fix: Minor fixes for playlist creation

NEW FEATURES 10/28/2011 (

Fix: Apple iOS5 and Apple Remote 2.2 issues fixed, tested and resolved
Fix: Limit Playlist results to 500 tracks to prevent an AutoPlaylist with 100,000 tracks from crashing your machine or mobile device
Fix: Parent Playlists showing up, now it does not display any playlist with 0 tracks in it

NEW FEATURES 09/23/2011 (1.6.1 ):


- New MonkeyTunesDJ playlist allow you to control your Now Playing list from Apple Remote
- Support for desktop client Linux/OSX/Windows TunesRemoteSE
- Support for Nokia Symbian Client: CuteRemote application on Ovi Store.
- Major Playlist editing and adding updates for Apple Remote
- Heavy testing and compatibility with MediaMonkey 4


Issue# 76 MonkeyTunes: Playlist Updates for AlbumPlayer
Issue# 78 MonkeyTunes: Ignore Imported M3U Playlist
Issue# 80 MonkeyTunes: Update UI when Repeat or Shuffle click on Server
Issue# 82 MonkeyTunes: Update for iTunes 10.1.3 DACP Protocol
Issue# 85 MonkeyTunes: Problem with "Band, The" type artists

NEW FEATURES 06/13/2011 (1.5.2 ):
- Minor fixes in exception handling
- Installer now adds more reliable firewall rules to allow it to work properly with less user interaction by automatically adding a rule for Port 3689.

NEW FEATURES 03/21/2011 (1.5.1 ):
- Tested successfully against MediaMonkey 4 v1357 or higher!

NEW FEATURES 02/14/2011 (1.5.0 ):
- 100% certified compatibility with Komodex Remote for Windows Phone 7 on the Zune Market
- Fixes #58: Support Win7 Remote mutliple bug fixes discovered in protocol by Komodex

NEW FEATURES 02/01/2011 (1.4.9 ):
- Fixes #56 Fixes UTF-8 issues with umlauts and other UTF characters in searches from Remote
- Fixes #55 Ordering by AlbumName, DiscNumber, TrackNumber

NEW FEATURES 01/18/2011 (1.4.8 ):
- Fixed Issue #47 TunesRemote+ when selecting a song in a Search was playing the incorrect song
- Fixed Issue #53 Fixed problems with Whitespace and Search for Lastname,Firstname Artists

NEW FEATURES 01/13/2011 (1.4.7):
- Fixed Issue #44 Search criteria was not being handled properly and SQL generated incorrectly from new Apple Remote 2.1

NEW FEATURES 12/29/2010 (1.4.6):
- Fixed Issue #23: TunesRemote+ when Queuing a track always played the first track
- Fixed Issue #37: When selecting a Genre then an Artist with only one album in that Genre the query results were returning too much data because of an OR instead of an AND in the query.

NEW FEATURES 11/11/2010 (1.4.5):
- Added Fast Forward and Rewind (if you hold down the Previous or Next button in Apple Remote 2.0)
- Fixed bug with installer In non-US countries when adding HTTP permissions in the Installer it throws an error like such as: Some identity references could not be translated
- Fixed bug If an app that uses Port 3689 is already running like iTunes, Airfoil, RemoteSpeakers plug-in have MonkeyTunes try port 3690, 3691, etc until a valid port is found.
- Fixed bug with automatic cache refreshing based on user feedback
- Added Bonjour automatic install to Installer

NEW FEATURES 10/16/2010 (1.4.3):
- Fixed bug with new Apple Remote 2.0.1 release
- Fixed bug with Album artwork not displaying properly on iPad
- Fixed bug for UTF-8 characters in Artist name

NEW FEATURES 10/10/2010 (1.4.2):
- Added album cover caching for performance on large collections or when covers are stored on an external drive
- Added correct iPad handling of Artists that now show Album Count and Track Count for each artist as well as album cover
- 100% certified compatibility with Hyperfine Remote for iTunes on the Android Market
- Code re-engineering and optimization

NEW FEATURES 10/03/2010 (1.4.0):
- Re-engineered a lot of the code and the way I was handling things
- Added HTTP GZIP compression which allows Monkeytunes to send compressed data back to the device to reduce network traffic
- Fixed bugs associated with new Apple iPad implementation of Apple Remote
- Better handling of /logout command from the device

NEW FEATURES 10/01/2010 (1.3.3):
- Tested heavily against the new iPad version of Apple Remote
- Fixed most of the issues related to iPad version of Apple Remote

NEW FEATURES 09/28/2010 (1.3.2):
- Fixed issue related to new Apple Remote 2.0 broke the old version
- Tested against iTunes 10
- New Android TunesRemote+ 2.0.2 which fixes pairing issues on HTC devices

NEW FEATURES 09/25/2010 (1.3.1):
- Put TunesRemote+ application on the Android Market
- Fixed bugs in TunesRemote+ related to searching
- Added preference for Max Search Results in TunesRemote+
- Fixed bug in Android search

NEW FEATURES 09/15/2010 (1.3.0):
- Added Now Playing items for Google Android TunesControl client
- NEW: Google Android TunesControl major updates including....
Google Android Changelog:
-Added support for viewing and playing playlists
-Browsing is now it's own activity with sub-activities
-You can swap from album to playlist view via menu button
-Selecting a song returns to Control view
-double tapping the control view (I didnt know about the original implementation of this until I did it by accident) now shows a list of currently playing tracks, or album view, or single track if you're using iTunes
-Search works with spaces

NEW FEATURES 05/26/2010 (1.2.5):
- Added /logout to valid URL handling (thanks to caruso)
- Added automatically handling of corrupt XML preferences to a blank preference

NEW FEATURES 03/26/2010 (1.2.4):
- Fixed bug with aspect ratio of images sent to the remote (thanks to metril)

NEW FEATURES 03/22/2010 (1.2.3):
- Fixed bug when selecting a track on a playlist that the first song in the playlist was always playing (thanks to robimart)

NEW FEATURES 03/10/2010 (1.2.2):
- Changed Song.AlbumArtist to Song.Artist (thanks to Robo983)

NEW FEATURES 03/01/2010 (1.2.1):
- New TunesControl Android APK with bug fixes (thanks to mathias)
- Added ability to Queue Track from Android client
- Close all queries and garbage collect on MM shutdown

NEW FEATURES 02/25/2010 (1.2):
- Fixed bug related to .NET garbage collection resulting in MediaMonkey taking 10+ minutes to start (thanks to everyone)

NEW FEATURES 01/02/2010 (1.1):
- Added ability to create Playlists from Apple Remote (thanks to MusicServersDirect)
- Many bug fixes and performance optimizations
- Added more checks to the installer to prevent errors like initializing MM COM object

NEW FEATURES 11/22/2009 (1.0):
- Initial Version
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