"No Songs" appears on Apple Remote for certain artists.

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"No Songs" appears on Apple Remote for certain artists.

Postby svburke » Sat Dec 07, 2013 7:41 pm

First off, let me say I am thrilled with MonkeyTunes. I'm not super slick and I set it up and got the Apple Remote app for the iPhone all in about 15 minutes, and the music is playing right now. Awesome!

Now, for my problem. Apologies if this has been answered already. I read through a few pages and didn't see it.

For certain artists, I will click on them, and the iPhone reports "no songs" (and invites me to download some from iTunes :(). Of course these artists do have plenty of songs in MediaMonkey.

Not sure what to do about this -- are they hidden somewhere? It seems predominantly to occur with classical music. I am running MM Gold, I am very meticulous about my metadata in MM: In classical music, the composer is the composer, and the artist(s) is/are the performer(s). Multiple performers are separated by a semicolon. Album artist is also filled out, with whoever is "chief" performer, but I don't often use album artist in MM.

If it matters: My MM library is about 250,000 tracks, classical music is about 174,000 of those tracks.

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, SB
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Re: "No Songs" appears on Apple Remote for certain artists.

Postby Melloware » Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:33 am

YEs I think that is the issue is that the way MOnkeyTunes is expecting your database to be set up the way we query for information is not how it is in MM LIbrary. MM is very flexible with the Artist field and Monkeytuens looks for all albums by that AlbumArtist or Songs by that AlbumArtist.

If you search these forums you can find threads where we show what MonkeyTUnes is doing and how to query your database to find out why its not finding your artists for a particular search.
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