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Linksys WMA11B

Postby Spider (forgot PWD) » Fri Jul 14, 2006 11:21 am

Anybody know of a way to use this device to play the jukes from the PC and just send the sound thru the adapter w/out having to use the Linksys on screen (TV) menu????
Spider (forgot PWD)

Postby Melloware » Mon Jul 17, 2006 8:40 am

Nope, and spider that device got horrible reviews.

I think greg had looked up some similar devices and found some he liked.

Melloware Inc.
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Postby Melloware » Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:36 am

I have researched this stuff a bit and right now I have found the
easiest and most reliable way to stream music from a PC is to set up a
separate Jukes client on a lap top or old PC. Doesn't have to be any
thing fancy. I have an old dell lap top that I use -- though, for
various reasons, I have to run Jukes 3.x on it. I stream the music from
my external hard drive on my PC, to the lap top. Line-out on the laptop
to line-in on my stereo. I sometimes also split the line-out on the
laptop to go to my stereo and a wireless receiver for a set of wireless
speakers I can place around the house or outside. This works reasonably
well for my needs but you get degenerative sound with each jump and witheach split. So by the time you are listening through the wireless
speakers, you have, I am guessing, a little better than FM quality.

A guy I work with has a PC tower that he juiced up and he runs this
right into his TV and runs the Jukes on the screen. Has a wireless
keyboard and mouse that operate the whole set up. He said this works
for him.

As for music hubs like the Roku Soundbridge or the d-link MediaLounge, I
have not heard good things and they are not designed to handle our kind
of collection. Another guy here at work tried about 4 of them before
returning all of them and building a PC jukes receiver and hooking it
into his stereo.

The only solution I have seriously considered is the Sonos ... 33037.html

This is a hub zone player that can stream music to a variety of
receivers. You control it by an ipod-like handheld lcd remote.
Problems, this is an expensive solution and it has an 40K index limit
which means that we would have to split up or offload some of out music
since we have more than 40K song files. The good news is that the both
of these issues might change - the price might drop a bit and a firmware
fix for the indexing problem is rumored to be in the works. So I am
keeping a serious eye on this because I think it would be cool as shit.
Cutes the Jukes out of the picture, tho.

Your best bet is to by a $200 lap top, get it running smooth and stream
our music via your existing wireless network.

Not sure if this helps....
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Postby Spider (forgot PWD) » Wed Jul 19, 2006 7:39 pm

Tiger Direct is out here so I got 2 of them on Clearance for $10 each...I've got them up and running but I need to do some hacking of the unit to get it to play from the PC rather then hooking it up to my TV's. When working it's pretty cool and the TV interface isn't bad except the fact it is very slow due to the size of my library.

here is a link to the hacks in case anyones intrested

if it works I'll let you know...

I did the laptop thing and 2 days after I got it all setup my sound card went loopy...go figure
Spider (forgot PWD)

Postby TopGear » Wed Jan 10, 2007 11:11 pm

- Just tried the hack and its really easy, just back up your files first and copy some files into the Linksys directory and restart some services and then power on the unit.
- It uses SlimServer to be able to control it and intergrate it into iTunes so I don't know if that opens the door for Jukes Potential or not.
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