Using existing m3u files

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Using existing m3u files

Postby mikemxyzzzy » Wed Dec 27, 2006 8:54 am

I have a large number of classical CDs that contain multiple works that each have multiple tracks. With Windows Media Player I can create an m3u file for each work and play just that work by selecting from the Playlists tree in the Library view. Is there any way to get the same functionality in Jukes?

In other words, I have a CD where track 1-3 are the Greig piano concerto and tracks 4-6 are the Schuman piano concerto. By making two m3u files I had a single item that referred to the proper three tracks.

I would love to be able to queue up music by selecting Grieg piano concerto, Bruckner Symphony #8 (4 tracks on 2 CDs), etc.

Is this possible in Jukes, or is the only way play by track or by album?


Postby Melloware » Wed Dec 27, 2006 9:19 am

You can use either M3U Playlists or XSPF playlists in Jukes. We prefer XSPF playlists because they are XML, more portable, and makes it easier to find and skip songs in your collection. M3U is a VERY loose format that isn't even standard.

To read more about playlists in Jukes check out...

IF any song in your playlist is NOT in your catalog of music in the Jukes that song will be skipped.

IF you have existing M3U lists you would like to use they need to be in the format like as follows:

#EXTINF:151,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - Wildwood Flower
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\03 - Wildwood Flower.mp3
#EXTINF:121,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - Lewis Boogie
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\04 - Lewis Boogie.mp3
#EXTINF:222,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - Ring Of Fire
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\05 - Ring Of Fire.mp3
#EXTINF:132,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - You're My Baby
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\06 - You're My Baby.mp3
#EXTINF:155,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - Cry Cry Cry
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\07 - Cry Cry Cry.mp3
#EXTINF:172,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - Folsom Prison Blues
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\08 - Folsom Prison Blues.mp3
#EXTINF:106,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - That's All Right
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\09 - That's All Right.mp3
#EXTINF:135,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - Juke Box Blues
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\10 - Juke Box Blues.mp3
#EXTINF:185,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - It Ain't Me Babe
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\11 - It Ain't Me Babe.mp3
#EXTINF:160,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - Home Of The Blues
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\12 - Home Of The Blues.mp3
#EXTINF:139,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - Milk Cow Blues
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\13 - Milk Cow Blues.mp3
#EXTINF:135,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - I'm A Long Way From Home
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\14 - I'm A Long Way From Home.mp3
#EXTINF:170,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - Cocaine Blues
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\15 - Cocaine Blues.mp3
#EXTINF:169,Soundtrack - Walk The Line - Jackson
G:\Music\Soundtrack\Walk The Line\16 - Jackson.mp3
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