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Postby Melloware » Tue May 27, 2008 8:29 pm

PlacesBar Editor (

This utility allows you to change them to be any folder you want. Why Microsoft didn't include a utility like this we will never know....

Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Emil A. Lefkof III, Melloware Inc.
NEW VERSION 7/21/2008:

- Added My Videos, My Pictures, My Music, Internet, Printers

NEW VERSION 5/27/2008:

- Fixed problem with About button crashing Vista 64
- Added better error message for user that does not have permission to edit registry

NEW VERSION 9/18/2007:

-Fixed problem with installer not installing on Windows Vista if not an admin
- Added manifest to allow the app to write to the registry in Windows Vista if the currently logged in user is not an admin. It will ask for admin privileges.
- Added new icons and look.
- Added FastMM memory manager to improve application performance.

NEW VERSION 2/21/2007:

- Added My Computer as a choice in the Special Folder dropdown (thanks to Istarth)

NEW VERSION 8/29/2006:

- Added Office 2007 support
- Changed Icons
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