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JIntellitype 1.3.8

Postby Melloware » Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:19 am

JIntellitype (http://www.melloware.com/)

A Java JNI API for Windows to allow Java application to register global
hotkeys and listen for Intellitype keyboard commands.


Copyright (C) 1999-2009 Melloware Inc.

NEW Version 01/30/2012:
Deployed 1.3.8 to Maven Central repository!
Fixed Issue #6

NEW Version 08/16/2011:
Deployed 1.3.7 to Maven Central repository!
Fixed Issue #3
Fixed Issue #4
Fixed Issue #5

NEW Version 12/03/2010:
Fixed bug with Ability to extract DLL from inside the JAR
Fixed some of the string to key mappings

NEW Version 10/19/2010:
Ability to extract DLL from inside the JAR
Google Code Project: http://code.google.com/p/jintellitype/

NEW Version 04/21/2010:
Now enables the user to use all keys instead of just [A-Z],[0-9] as before Thanks to Lars.

NEW Version 01/25/2010:
Added JIntellitype64.dll for 64 bit JRE's. Simply rename the DLL to JIntellitype.dll or use the Jintellitype.setLibraryLocation(''); function to set the path to JIntellitype64.dll. Thanks to ZeroFlag.

NEW Verson 07/28/2009:
Fixed "Jintellitype.setLibraryLocation('');" method to to allow developers to set the path of the JIntellitype.DLL for use in executable jar's etc. Thanks to DJGummikuh.

NEW Verson 02/11/2008:
Fixed "Jintellitype.swingToIntelliType()" method to handle both the old style and new style Swing/AWT modifiers. Such as the older InputEvent.SHIFT_MASK and the newer InputEvent.SHIFT_DOWN_MASK will both return the SHIFT modifier. Thanks to Thomas Beckers.

NEW Version 01/09/2008:
- Found and fixed race condition in C DLL that was causing the problem of being able to only register one hotkey at a time. Thanks to Karl von Randow.
- Fixed "on" methods to be synchronized and added properly. Thanks to Thomas Beckers.
- Added isJintellitypeSupported() method which checks the DLL is in the path and the operating System is Windows and its a 32 bit JDK since it will not run on 64 bit JVM. Thanks to Thomas Beckers.

NEW VERSION 10/05/2007:
-Added Javadoc that explains a modifier of 0 means that no modifier is required if you want to have a single key be a hotkey. Thanks to Usual.
-Added example of just using the PRINT_SCREEN key with no modifiers as a hotkey. Thanks to Usual.
- Added more constants to JIntellitypeConstants.java based on MSDN documentation.
- Made JIntellitype singleton thread safe by using double checked pattern.

NEW VERSION 01/11/2007:

- Added registerHotKey(int identifier, String modifierAndKeyCode) to allow Strings like "CTRL+A" to be used to register hotkeys for applications that want their users to be able to define hotkeys. Thanks to Peter Fichtner.

- Added checkInstanceAlreadyRunning(String appTitle) to prevent multiple instances of your application from being started if you don't want to. Returns true if an instance with this application title is already running on the system. Useful for developers who only want ONE instance of their app running.

NEW VERSION 12/19/2006:

- Changed Jintellitype to a singleton class like JIntellitype.getInstance() Thanks to Bertrand Florat.
- Added ability to use Swing constants for ALT, CTRL, SHIFT. Thanks to Bertrand Florat.

NEW VERSION 9/18/2006:

- Initial Release

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