Request: Include DLLs in jar

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Request: Include DLLs in jar

Postby raenex » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:15 am


I've read the threads regarding self-contained, runnable jars, but you have to manually add the DLLs to the jar in order for the auto jar-to-file extraction trick to work. Is there some reason the DLLs aren't included by default in jintellitype-1.3.8.jar? If they were, everything would work out of the box.
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Re: Request: Include DLLs in jar

Postby Melloware » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:41 am

I think it is just because I had not automated the build that builds to Maven Central to build a JAR containing the DLL's.

Please create a ticket here:

Include the exact structure you want the JAR. Even submit a patch to the pom.xml if you already know how to fix it.
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