using intelliremote via Kindle fire HDX 8.9

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using intelliremote via Kindle fire HDX 8.9

Postby cybmole » Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:29 am

I stumbled across ther fact that you have apps for google play & for apple stores - nothing at amazon app store though?

anyway, I was able to get the apk from google ( but only because I also own a Google device) & then side-load it onto my Kindle Fire HDX, & much to my suprise I have it up & running after a couple of false starts.

( I had to tick a box in PC intelliremote to enable port 6000, then stop, & restart that program, and al;so stop +_ restart the app)

So I am now wondering how much clever stuff I can do with Kindle as a remote control for my PC - I'd already bought a not very good dedicated spotify android remote app- your app may make that redundant ,though finding hot keys for all spotify functions is challenging

So my main question here is there any ongoing discussion of what can be done via a kindle, or via the android app generally. I suppose I'll have to look into tweaking my existing PC intelliremote profiles and see if I can add more stuff for changing focus, launching programs.... but I'd rather not single-handledly re-invent all the wheels.

I'll probably be most interested in selecting and playing music & yes I can sort of do that with my PC remote anyway, but what I'd really like is for the kindle to help me read the PC screen from several feet away, in order to select a track, a menu entry.... ? I guess that is way outside of the scope of the current android app, unless I use it to control zoom in/out on the main PC monitor ?
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Re: using intelliremote via Kindle fire HDX 8.9

Postby Melloware » Wed Sep 03, 2014 5:39 pm

So pretty much anything you can do in Windows you will be able to assign a profile button and script an event for in an Intelliremote profile.

However like you found out some apps like Spotify and especially Adobe Air based applications can be funky to control. I highly recommend looking through our user donated profiles to see if one already exists for an app you like before starting to create your own! ...

So for your other question if you need to see the screen on your PC on your android you will want something called a REmote Desktop application. Something like... ... apps&hl=en
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