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Q. A user asked "How would i go about using Intelliphone to control VLC player".

A. Follow this tutorial step by step. You can substitute VLC for your favorite windows Media application but in this example its VLC.

First you can check out this YouTube video by TrinityHD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3YJO4mhp2U

Second you can check out this step by step picture tutorial... Step-By-Step Picture Tutorial

1. Install Intelliremote PC Server on the same PC as VLC.

2. Start Intelliremote on the PC.

3. Start VLC on the PC, you will notice Intelliremote will automagically switch to use the built in VLC remote map profile because it "sees" VLC is now the foreground Window. Start Playing a VIDEO in VLC. You are now all set up on the PC.

4. Open a DOS Prompt on the PC and type ipconfig and this will display your IP or IPV4 Address in Vista as or something similar. Remember this number.

5. On the iPhone, go to the Settings Application Image and scroll down to find Intelliremote section at the bottom.

6. Find Intelliremote in the Settings and change the IP Host field to or whatever the IP in step 4 is. You won't need to change the Port as both are listening on port 6000 by default.

If you have Itunes or Bonjour installed on your PC then just use these instructions and leave the IP on like these instructions: Apple Bonjour Instructions


7. Now start Intelliphone, it will connect to the PC. Press Pause button on the remote and VLC should Pause playing. Press Play again to start VLC playing the Video.

Voila, you are now all set up!!!!

If you are having trouble connecting see this thread about Connection Issues....

Connection Issues FAQ

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