[FIXED] Mouse Sensitivity from iPhone/iPod

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[FIXED] Mouse Sensitivity from iPhone/iPod

Postby Melloware » Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:58 pm

Currently Intelliremote moves the mouse 1 pixel for every pixel on your PC monitor. So the iPhone is 480x320 where your monitor is probably 1024x768 or higher so the mouse movement seems kinda slow. Well in the PC version 2.7.2 we have fixed that by allowing you to tweak your sensitivity.

You will be able to change a multiplier meaning if you set it to 1 it will move 1 pixel for 1 pixel, if you set it to 4 it will move 4 pixels on your PC for every 1 pixel on the iPhone!

The registry setting will be found here:

Code: Select all
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