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Intelliphone HELP: User 2 user

Postby Mr9ball » Thu Nov 27, 2008 8:50 pm

Hi guys.

I recently got this cool application and I love it, even for just the basic remote stuff like volume +/- start - stop.
The Intelliremote software is capable of much more than that.
But without any tutorials on how to create or customize the Intelliremote profiles. It can be a little troublesome to get started.

Do you know how edit profiles? Or have you found a cool trick perhaps 8)

Please share it.
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Re: Intelliphone HELP: User 2 user

Postby vlookup » Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:28 am

there are plenty of profiles premade if you havent downloaded the zip.

most modifications i do to it are just autoit scripts typed right into the script field for each button. what i find hardest is figuring out which icon ties to what icon on the itouch/phone in the profiles. i have gone through and renamed everything so that it tells me what button it is and what it does in the following format "[icon description] task". after that, scripting is just a matter of looking at the autoit command reference. you'll find a lot of it is fairly straightforward and that there are plenty of examples online and in these forums. or you can ask someone will probably get to you fairly quickly.
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