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IMPORTANT: As of 09/22/2017 the release of IOS11 requires developers to update their apps to new Apple standards. It essentially requires a complete rewrite of the app which I currently do not have the capacity to support. I apologize and I am sorry that Apple has decided to disable the app in IOS11.

New Features in Version

- Fixed some OS 3 issues with new OS 4 compilation

New Features in Version 2.7.9....

- Compiled and tested under OS 4.0.

New Features in Version 2.7.8....

- Added new setting called Allow WWAN which if you leave OFF then Intelliremote will only work on a WIFI network which is how 99% of people should use it. If you turn it ON then you can use 3G/Edge WWAN to connect to it from outside the home but the results are unpredictable and use at your own risk.

New Features in Version 2.7.7....

- Added ability to detect running Intelliremote PC Server using Bonjour auto-discovery just like the Apple Remote can discover your running Itunes instances in your house! Must leave Zone1 on to use else it will try and connect to whatever IP Address you have
- Added new setting called "Landscape Locked" if you want to always lock your device in Landscape mode with large buttons.
- Fixed re-connection after Wake From Sleep to wait until a WIFI connection has been established before trying to connect. This prevents the ugly error of the device waking back up with a 3G connection and failing to connect.

New Features in Version 2.7.6....

- Added Peristent WIFI flag to not allow the WIFI radio to disconnect the iPhone connection after 30 minutes
- Changed background to black for better contrast
- Increased portrait buttons to 42x42 pixels
- Tries to automatically connect after waking from locked or sleep state
- Added setting to disable hardware volume buttons

New Features in Version 2.7.4....

- Fixed bugs related to key repeating

New Features in Version 2.7.3....

- Holding down buttons like Volume Up and Volume Down now repeats until button is released
- Added help and support buttons on Info View
- Proximity Detector option now if you want to conserve battery by turning the screen off but leaving the application running
- Hardware volume buttons now control Volume Up and Volume Down
- Requires Intelliremote EXE version 2.7.3 on the PC

New Features in Version 2.7.0....

- Get the build number in sync with the server side. Instead of 1.2 I chose 2.7.0 to match the upcoming server side release
- Add ESC, TAB, BACKSPACE, ARROW KEYS to the Keyboard Landscape for making using the keyboard for the PC more realistic
- Add a left click hold on the mouse screen so you can drag windows. (don't forget to unclick the left mouse button)
- Hopefully fix the problem people are reporting relating the TCP timeout... see

New Features in Version 1.1....

- Landscape mode for HUGE 64x64 buttons when turned to the side.
- Ability to switch profile right from the device by clicking icon in lower left corner.
- Wireless Keyboard: Full QWERTY keyboard so you can type on your PC like you had a wireless keyboard on your lap by bringing up a virtual keyboard on the device!
- Wireless Mouse: Control the mouse on the PC with your finger. Left, Middle, and Right button click and double tapping the screen will trigger a double-click on the PC!
- Setting for preventing the device from going to sleep while using Intelliphone
- Button increased from 36x36 to 40x40
- Check for WIFI connection and fail if not found.
- Fail after 3 seconds of not finding TCP connection rather than 30 seconds it waited before.
- Icon blink animation on remote button push to give user visual feedback of button push
- New icons, more iPhone like main logo
- Multiple zones so if you have mutliple PC's running Intelliremote such as Home Theatre (, Living Room (, LapTop ( These zones will be defined as Zone1,Zone2,Zone3,Zone4 in the settings. I hope no one will need more than 4 zones!
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