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BlueSocket Authenticator 1.4

Postby Melloware » Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:49 pm

I have added the following to Version 1.4 and it has been pushed to the AppStore .

New Features 1.4:
- Added as the default internal URL to ignore SSL certificates so you don't have to enter it in the SSL URL1 or 2

New Features 1.3:

- Added two new settings for Ignoring Invalid SSL Certificates. SSl1 and SSl2. In the first SSL1 enter your universities Bluesocket site and in URL2 enter like this if you are getting Invalid or Untrusted Certificate errors.


New Features 1.2:

- Better exception handling so now users will see Invalid or Bad Certificate errors or any other HTTP error that happens.

- Fixed bug where UK users were being redirected to the wrong site giving a false postive

- Added ability to login as a "Guest Connection" which many universities use. This is a type of connection that only requires and email address and not a username/password.

- NEW logo! More iPhone like than the original.

- Minor tweaks and code tightening

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