[SOLVED] network instability - part time connection

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[SOLVED] network instability - part time connection

Postby wholesaleworld » Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:06 pm

i have been using z wave commander now for more than 2 months, i am using it on a big 32x dimmer switch setup in my house (ALL INTERMATIC HA06) , i am having every 2-3 days some stability issues, for no apparent reason z wave commander stops sending or receiving commands from the switches (on the iphone & computer the devices appear but simply don't respond), i have to close z wave commander and do a restart , and it works fine for another 2-3 days, once in a while i do get a time outerror message on the iphone (time out)for no apparent reason wich can be frustrating sometimes, i exit the application get back to it, and it works back fine; if it still times out i close zwave commander and put it back on and everything gets back to normal, I was wondering if those cheap INTERMATIC dimmer switches HA06 are responsible for the instability... i changed the computer for a brand new fast windows 7 computer, and nothing changed, it still does the same problem once in a while, i am running z wave commander on a control think USB that has version 4.30, i have think essentials pro v.2.4, and the most current iphone z wave commander app, i have 29 INTERMATIC DIMMER HA-06 SWITCHES + 3 INTERMATIC LAMP- MODULES (HA-03WD) , if you tell me that the intermatic switches may be my problem i am ready to change to whole setup for leviton vizia RF switches, beside the instability i love the software and the work you do! thanks for the support
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Re: Z WAVE COMMANDER instability - part time connection issues

Postby Melloware » Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:59 pm

This is not a Zwave Commander bug. This is a known bug with the ControlThink firmware....it has been reported time and again on their forums.

IT seems to be a problem with Intermatic devices specifically.

Kaizen28 and I on the ControlThink forums have posted this constantly.



Feel free to post your two cents there! I believe it to be a firmware bug. THe network seems to slowly degrade. You close and reopen and the network comes back but then slowly starts to degrade again.

I am not positive that is is the Intermatic's but they are the devices I have trouble with too. I never have a problem with Leviton RF+ ones but no one at ControlThink will admit it is a problem!
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